Photo: Adriana Cebrián

Producer_Director_Editor_Graphic Artist_Photographer – Raul H Vidaurre | razumarx


With nearly a decade in the field, my credits include producing, directing and editing shows, promos and original content for MGM, The History Channel, Slip N’ Slide Records, Htv, Venevisión, MTV and independent productions such as my three short films entitled Metropolitan, de-stress-ed and Killers Kill.


My talents were recognized at the tender age of 15, being recognized amongst the top artists within the Miami community, receiving a Silver Key at the 1995 Scholastics Art & Writing Awards.


After being fed up with the lack of reality in a college education, I decided to leave my lifelong dream of becoming an Architect and spend some time traveling throughout Europe.  There I endulged on some of the greatest works of art known to man, works ranging from photography, to sculpture, paint, theater and film.  Leaving me with enough inspiration to realize that I had to make something big of my life.


Since then, I have produced, directed and edited three documentary films for MTV Latin America.  Films which have received #1 ratings in Mexico as well as top 5 ratings within the network.


Currently I am living between the US and Perú, furthering the reach of my production company, Red Train Filmworks within the Latin American continent; In coming to Perú, my goal was to create a Production/Post house at the level of US based companies to compete within the local market and abroad.  This was met 2 years ago when Red Train SAC became Piso 20.


In the past few years I have formed an integral part of the production teams of three Conacine winning films, Las Malas Intenciones, Parrilla & Algo Huele Raro en La Maleta and have worked on projects for clients as diverse as Amo Amazonia, La Filmadora (20 Lucas), Raquel en Llamas (El País de Carlín), PAMS, Kraft Foods, Alicorp, Interbank, Inca Kola, Mc Cann,, Inventarte, Wayra, Telefónica, Samsung, Converse & Valvoline.


My love for Architecture and the Erotic have recently brought me back to my roots of Photography where I am now exploring these themes and will be developing different projects as well as continuing to explore the world of film.  Currently I am in post-production for a new short film, which will be presented at the Festival de Cine de Mar del Plata, this November.